Released on May 25, 2018


  1. Introduction
  2. Why the CNI Token Makes Sense
  3. Bitcoin & Silver Speculation
  4. Where the Raised Funds Go
  5. CNI Bitcoin Monthly Service
  6. Important Reminder to CNI Token Purchasers
  7. Token Details



CNI tokens are a crypto-graphical receipt for one physical junk silver dime. CNI tokens run on the Ethereum Network, meeting ERC-20 standards, which has been entered on the Open Public Ledger “CNI Corporation,” and includes a monthly service that mines Bitcoin for CNI token holders.

Why the CNI Token Makes Sense

Precious metals like silver have been used over time as a reliable method to store wealth. Each CNI token is backed by a pre-1964 US dime that is composed of 90% silver that is professionally stored in an insured vault, so there are no worries about theft. Since each token is backed by a physical junk silver dime, you don’t need to worry about the effect of inflation on your token holdings. Silver is also one of the most widely used metals, so it will always retain its value.

Within the initial CNI token value, you will receive a fractionalized Bitcoin mining service, which will pay out fractionalized Bitcoin to CNI token holders every 30-days with the exception of the grace period.  As long as you hold your CNI tokens you will be entitled to this fractional Bitcoin mining service.

Bitcoin & Silver Speculation


There has been a lot of speculation when it comes to the price of Bitcoin. It has grown at such an accelerated rate that from time to time it experiences a pullback in price, only for it to surge higher as you can see in the chart below. [1]

According to Bitcoin Price Predictions, [2] there are a variety of expectations to how high the price of Bitcoin can really go in the next few years to the next decade. John McAfee the founder of McAfee antivirus software speculates that Bitcoin could reach $500,000 by 2020, where Wences Casares the founder and CEO of Xapo predicts $1,000,000 by 2027.


There has always been a correlation between gold and silver within the gold-silver ratio. Currently, in 2018, we are about at 80:1, which was 68:1 in 2016. This has been the growing trend over the last century but started to rise with the Coinage Act of 1873, 17 Stat. 424, where the ratio was 15:1.

However, there is an important question that most investors ask, and that’s why the suppression in prices? And then comes the question about JP Morgan; why has their holdings of physical silver skyrocketed since 2011? Is there something JP Morgan knows that the rest of us don’t know? By looking at the chart below, [3] we can see they’ve increased their holdings significantly.

This has to get you thinking, but it starts to make sense when you see investors like Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver stating that silver has real potential to go over $130 an ounce. [4] You also could consider that if the gold-silver ratio was readjusted to old levels that silver would instantly become the investment of the century.

Where Raised Funds Go

The CNI Corporation plans to sell each token for .005 ETH. Our corporate leadership feels this is a fair and affordable price for the silver that backs the tokens along with the amount spent on the Bitcoin farm that will give token holders the service of fractionalized bitcoin to the crypto wallet they specify.

Since each CNI token is backed by a silver junk dime, the first portion of the ETH raised goes to this. The majority of this coin is silver as stated earlier, and a safe estimate would be $1.20 – $1.40 per coin based on the current market levels.

The rest of the ETH raised will go into a 30/70 split; 30 percent will go to administrative costs, while the other 70 percent will go to the creation of the Bitcoin farm.

Being speculative, and stating that ETH will be at $700 USD, each CNI token will be worth $3.50 USD. The graph below shows you the breakdown based on this speculative price.

$3.50 (Speculative) Total Cost Breakdown in USD

$1.40 Junk Silver Dime

$1.47 Bitcoin Farm

$.63 Administrative Costs

CNI Bitcoin Monthly Service 

It should be reminded to those who want to buy the CNI token, that the Bitcoin monthly service is only applicable to those who purchase and hold their CNI tokens. If you sell your CNI token then this monthly service will cease and cannot be reacquired.

This scenario below is based on speculative numbers, and the real 180-day report after the token offering will give you the true breakdown of expenses.

If the total amount is raised from CNI crowdsale (45,000 ETH), and if converted at a speculative rate of $700 USD per ETH, there would be:

$31,500,000.00 Total Cost Breakdown

$12,600,000 Junk Silver Dimes

$13,230,000 Bitcoin Farm

$5,670,000 Administrative Costs

Based on the breakdown and speculative expenses, we figure the cost of Bitmain S9 Antminers we could average $2,500 per each miner.

Each S9 Antminer mines about 14 TH/S at 1320 Watts.

$13,230,000 / $2,500 = 5292 miners. We also have to factor in electricity cost; our electricity ($.02 per kWh); 5592 miners @ 14 TH/S = 74,088 an hour; 5592 miners @ 1320 watts = 7,381,440 watts and hour. There would also be a pool fee of .005%.

Please see chart below [5] for speculated 30-day mined Bitcoin service:

Based on the data above, we can see the Bitcoin farm mines 224.80 every month. However, the power costs are roughly $106,290, which the CNI Corporation will deduct Bitcoin mining farm electricity from the Bitcoin mined each month.

Based on the Bitcoin price above that would equate to 13.37 Bitcoins. ($106,290/$7951.70) This leaves 211.43 Bitcoin where the CNI Corporation takes another 30 percent (63.429) from the 211.43 for administrative costs, leaving 148.001 (70 percent after electric costs) to be divided among the 10,000,000 total CNI tokens.

The 148.001 breaks down to .0000148001 BTC per (1) CNI token, which if you multiply that number @ $7951.70 it comes out to be $.117 cents per (1) token, and that’s every month.

Note * (For a full explanation please refer to: “Terms & Conditions, heading 11. Fees and Expenses”)

Important Reminder to CNI Token Purchasers

After the initial CNI token offering, the price of each CNI token will be pegged to the melt value of a junk silver dime which you can find the price at [6] You may at any time withdrawal/redeem your junk silver dimes with your CNI tokens after the grace period. There are no requirements for you to withdrawal junk silver dimes after the grace period, if you are the bearer; however, bear in mind that once you make a withdrawal/redemption that same amount of CNI tokens held for your fractionalized Bitcoin service will cease, and cannot be reacquired.


Supply: 10,000,000 (10 million) with 1,000,000 (1 million) reserved for CNI Corporation officers, affiliates, employees, and agents.

Symbol: CNI

Ethereum Contract link: 0x095b126faff86c1fe8683d649edda854a3d3a072

Crowdsale Contract Page:



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