Each CNI token is a crypto-graphical receipt, initially costing .005 ETH for each token, and will be backed by one U.S. junk silver dime dated between 1892 and 1964. According to U.S. Mint Specifications, these dimes have a denomination of $0.10 and have a metal composition that is 90% Silver, and 10% Copper with a total weight of 2.5 grams.


Part of your initial CNI token purchase price will be used to create a Bitcoin mining farm. This Bitcoin mining farm will act as a service to CNI token holders, for as long as they hold their CNI tokens. This fractionalized Bitcoin service will distribute Bitcoins among CNI token holders every 30-days, besides that of the initial grace period.


After the initial CNI token offering, the price of each CNI token will be pegged to the melt value of a junk silver dime. You may at any time withdrawal/redeem your junk silver dimes with your CNI tokens after the grace period. There are no requirements for you to withdrawal junk silver dimes after the grace period, if you are the bearer; however, bear in mind that once you make a withdrawal/redemption that same amount of CNI tokens held for your fractionalized Bitcoin service will cease, and cannot be reacquired.


The CNI tokens you purchase will be off our books and not be listed as an asset for the CNI Corporation. We are the custodians of your junk silver dimes, and will not borrow against, lend out, or write paper against your allocated junk silver dimes.


There is only a limited supply of CNI tokens that can be acquired, and after the sale of this amount, there will be no more tokens issued.